Classic PRO In-Person EMF Consultant Geobiology Course – Melbourne, Australia 2023, NOV 2-5

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With this payment you will have paid half of the USD 698  total on the FOUR Day In-Person EMF radiation and Geopathic Stress Radiation Assessment Workshop (CLASSIC) with the GEOVITAL Academy in Australia with typically 4-12 students. (Remaining balance USD 349, due 4 weeks before workshop. If you took advantage of an Early Bird offer, the remaining balance remains the same. (USD 349)

Prerequisites: None

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Classic PRO-Level In-Person EMF Consultant Geobiology Course in Australia
The Original Workshop in EMF Radiation and Geopathic Stress Assessment

This is the original 3-4 day program that the GEOVITAL Academy has taught to train professionals since its beginning. An immersion experience where you come to us and enjoy 3 or 4 days (See dates for this course) of gaining knowledge and experience whist doing nothing else. Class sizes are kept relatively small because we would like to get to know you as we may be working with you soon after your training. Subjects covered are EMF radiation assessment, EMF mitigation tactics, Geopathic Stress assessment skills and some EMF assessment practice.

The CLASSIC course is a stand alone program that can see you active in the industry after having acquired some tools and done some practice on your own after the training. There are no prerequisite (anyone can join us).


GEOVITAL offers free repeats of this course to those who have purchased and done the Classic course or an EMF3 practical workshop in the past. Per Classic course we do have a limited number of seats available for ‘free repeaters’ and a refundable (USD 250/AUD400) security deposit will be requested when you secure one of these much valued seats, which will be refunded to you when you attend. It is common knowledge to us that consultants who come back for regular refreshers make the most active and successful consultants. Free repeaters do need to supply their own transportation for the field trips. Car share is possible with other repeaters, ask us about it.

Learn more about the CLASSIC EMF and Geopathic Stress Workshop (CLASSIC) here.

Location: Ferntree Gully (Eastern suburb of Melbourne), Australia
Dates: 2,3,4,5 NOVEMBER 2023. (4 days)

Maximum students: 12
Minimum students: 4

Go-no-Go point 2 months prior. Full refund of Classic Course fee given if not enough people register.

Why registering early helps us and you

When students register early it helps us plan better and enables us to confirm the course as ‘going ahead’ earlier, to the benefit of all (when it comes to planning and booking travel). There are however specific benefits to you for registering early.

  • It is possible you secure an early bird discount which may be available on some of the earlier booked spots in the course only.
  • You get your discount coupon code from when you enrol, to make purchases in the Favourite PRO tools and Favourite PRO samples categories in the shop (they expire on the last day of this course/workshop). Enabling you to purchase PRO tools and more to practice with before the workshop.
  • Our EMF1 and EMF2 students are invited to do virtual home assessments for practice when they purchase the GEOVITAL EM Field Probe and HF Field Probe. This means they do a home assessment which Patrick or a senior consultant watches them via video call and gives them feedback. Those enrolled for an upcoming CLASSIC workshop, are also invited to come and watch these virtual assessments when they happen if they have purchased EMF2 already. This could seriously boost your learning, seeing unique homes and their problems whilst hearing the feedback to that student.

Register now and we’ll let you know once we have 4 people and things are ‘locked-in’. If near the go-no-go point date we do not have enough students registered, we may postpone this course. If students register early we can declare this course will go ahead earlier to make booking travel and accommodation easier and possibly cheaper. Do not commit to travel expenses until all is ‘going ahead’. In case of postponement, you can be given a full refund or credit to enrolment in another course (Classic or EMF1).

More details information about this course and recommendations for accommodation and travel, can be found in our event calendar.

NOTE1: Course enrolment is subject to our terms and conditions which are specified in our website’s terms of service. This covers refund policies, confidentiality, and more. You can view this by clicking on ‘Terms and Conditions’ when you are prompted to review and agree to them, during the checkout process.

NOTE2: The CLASSIC course is not part of Patrick’s signature program the ‘EMF Assessment and Mitigation Business Start-Up course.’ which would be considered more comprehensive in both EMF content taught, hands-on practical experience and industry business skills. It also does not give access to the ‘online knowledge centre’ which comes as part of the EMF1 course. The CLASSIC course does, with possibly a small surcharge, grand access to EMF3 in-person workshops done around the globe where only practical EMF assessments in houses to gain experience and geopathic stress assessment skills are taught. Classic course attendees may, subject to change, access the EMF2 business skills module.


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