Classic PRO In-Person EMF Consultant Geobiology Workshop – Sulzberg, Austria Sep 12-15, 2022

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FOUR Day In-Person EMF radiation and Geopathic Stress Radiation Assessment Workshop (CLASSIC) in the GEOVITAL Academy in Austria with maximum 10 paying students.

Prerequisites: None

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Classic PRO-Level In-Person EMF Consultant Geobiology Workshop in Austria
The Original Workshop in EMF Radiation and Geopathic Stress Assessment.

This is the original 3-4 day program that the GEOVITAL Academy has taught to train professionals since its beginning. An immersion experience where you come to our academy in Sulzberg in Austria and enjoy 3 or 4 days (See dates for this course) of gaining knowledge and experience whist doing nothing else. Class sizes are kept relatively small because we would like to get to know you as we hope to be working with you soon after your training. Subjects covered are EMF radiation assessment, EMF mitigation tactics, Geopathic Stress assessment skills at Europe’s most famous site, and some EMF assessment practice.

The CLASSIC course is a stand alone program that can see you active in the industry after having done some practice on your own after the training. There are no prerequisite (anyone can join us).


GEOVITAL offers free repeats of this course to those who have purchased and done the Classic course in the past. Per Classic course we do have a limited number of seats available for ‘free repeaters’ and a refundable security deposit will be requested when you secure one of these much valued seats. It is common knowledge to us that consultants who come back for regular refreshers make the most active and successful consultants.

Learn more about the CLASSIC EMF and Geopathic Stress Workshop (CLASSIC) here.

Location: Sulzberg, Austria
Dates: 12,13,14 & 15 September 2022. (4 days)

We recommend you stay in one of the nearby pensions to the academy so you can ‘walk to school’.

See our calendar for other scheduled EMF Consultant Training and Courses

NOTE1: Please print, fill out, sign and email us a readable copy of the registration form as soon as you conclude your purchase.

NOTE2: The CLASSIC course is not part of Patrick’s signature program the ‘EMF Assessment and Mitigation Business Start-Up course.’ which would be considered more comprehensive in both EMF content taught, hands-on practical experience and industry business skills. It also does not give access to the ‘online knowledge centre’ which comes as part of the EMF1 course. The CLASSIC course does, with a small surcharge, grand access to EMF3 in-person workshops done around the globe where only practical EMF assessments in houses to gain experience and geopathic stress assessment skills are taught.

Accommodation recommendations can be found on the information page on this course in the event calendar.

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