EMF Home Assessment KUALA LUMPUR – 18 September 2022 – Morning

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EMF home assessment service with Patrick van der Burght for the September 2022 visit to Kuala Lumpur. Includes his travel expenses, up to 3 bedrooms included (additional bedrooms charged at USD150) and more. Duration estimated at 3-4 hours per home. See description for distance limitations.

Only 1 left in stock

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EMF Home Assessment in KUALA LUMPUR

MORNING Appointment: Sunday 18th September 2022

Her Royal Highness Sultana of Pahang and EMF consultant Patrick van der Burght

Her Royal Highness Sultana of Pahang and EMF Consultant Patrick van der Burght

Patrick van der Burght is visiting Kuala Lumpur in September and is available to do a limited number of EMF home assessments. Patrick is the director of GEOVITAL International and globally recognised specialist in wholistic EMF assessment, mitigation, home construction and consultant training. He brings a wealth of experience to your EMF home assessment to assist you to dramatically improve your home and sleeping environments with do-it-yourself avoidance, elimination and shielding options (also trades people can assist you when needed).

What is included in an EMF home assessment

Pricing includes travel to you in the near KL area, and:

  • The EMF Home Assessment is typically 3-4 hours in duration
  • Investigates electronic pollution (EMF radiation) from power supply, wiring and wireless transmissions (phone towers, wifi, radar, etc.)
  • May include up to 3 bedrooms (addition bedrooms are USD150), including Geopathic Stress assessment
  • Will include investigation of living spaces
  • Will include investigation of a home office if desired
  • Microwave over test (to show to what distance they may leak)

EMF home investigationWhen can I get an EMF home assessment in Kuala Lumpur?

This appointment is available whilst Patrick is passing through the region and is relatively economical. It is also possible for Patrick to fly to you at other times, especially for you, but this would incur more cost of travel which would be reflected in the price. For other times, contact our office.

Starting times for EMF assessment

For the morning slot, starting time would typically be around 8am but may need to be adjusted. We can discuss this after your booking is made.

Who needs to be home for the assessment to take place?

An EMF assessment can’t be done by the consultant alone and requires your involvement and assistance. It is also impossible to explain to your significant other, what you witnessed, if they were not there for at least the first hour of the assessments. Therefor please don’t book assessments unless you and your partner can both be there. If one of you needs to leave, then you need at least she first hour to be there together.

RF radiation assessment of microwave oven during PRO EMF training

RF radiation assessment of microwave oven during PRO EMF training

What about the kids during an EMF home assessment?

It is valuable for the parents to see what the exposure is also on the little person’s body. So for this, the presents of the children would be good. The assessment can be 3 to 4 hours though, so unless they are easily entertained, it can be very helpful to have an additional friend or family member there to mind the children whilst mum and dad are doing the assessment with the consultant. For more mature children, the assessment can really hit home the fact that radiation is real and all their wireless tech may not be good for them close to their body every day.

Where in Kuala Lumpur can can this EMF assessment take place?

For these EMF home assessments, the location of the home needs to be in Kuala Lumpur within a 75min drive from the KLAI airports.  If your home is further away (north), or in other directions please contact us and discuss this with us before booking. Contact us here.

family paints the wall after shielding paint application

Shielding against EMF radiation can be done as a DIY project.

Discount of EMF radiation protection

Once you do an assessment with Patrick van der Burght you are considered a ‘health client’ in our system. You will be given a health client code which will give you our health client discount on shielding and bedding products. At this time, this discount is 15%(!) and may very well pay for a large part of your assessment fee.

Cancellation or moving an appointment

Consider the payment/booking non-refundable, especially when cancelling within 2 weeks of the appointment. However, if we can resell the appointment slot to another family before that time, or you find another family that wishes to take over your appointment, then you can have your payment refunded in full.


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