Amateur EMF Radiation Course – Self-Guided Online

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Self-Guided online course for the amateur with Patrick van der Burght to guide your learning through videos you can rewatch again later. Featuring one or multiple specific EMF meters.



Self-Guided Online Course in EMF Assessment featuring specific EMF Radiation Meters

Understanding how to assess EMF radiation is not difficult, but you’d never guess how to do it properly by yourself. These self-guided online course allow you to watch videos of Patrick van der Burght teaching you about EMF in general, what values are of concern and most importantly how to assess that as best as possible with your specific EMF meter.

You get full access to the course from the beginning (no dripping to forcefully spread it over weeks) and can go to which ever section you wish, or follow the flow from start to end. You’ll specific meters in use that may own and so you’ll not only learn about EMF and what can be done about it, you’ll know how to investigate it with confidence.

Your course access will be set-up with your email address typically within 1 or 2 business days.

Package your EMF meter purchase with an Online Course and save

Did you know that the amateur meters we have available, which we feel will serve you well and give good value for money, are available with online courses? Purchase a Trifield TF2, a Cornet ED88Tplus or a Tenmars TM-190 in the shop and select the option with course and save.

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