EMF1&2 Bundle January 2024 – Guided Online Course PRO EMF Assessment and Mitigation

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With this payment, you will have paid half of the USD 1998 total on the EMF1 guided online course with a small number of fellow students. Access to the online knowledge centre for study and weekly online review sessions with Patrick van der Burght or senior trainers to guide your learning. + EMF2 Business Sessions access for 12 months, copy website created for you, and virtual Assessment practice if desired.

Please mind the global timing of online sessions. They are normally recorded and made available for replay for a limited period of time, but your aim should be to attend the live training.

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Guided Online EMF Course (EMF1+2 Bundle) – January 2024

This professional EMF course teaches you to assess EMF radiation, investigate the sources of the radiation like electrical wiring and phone towers and go in-depth on the wholistic mitigation of EMF radiation to create healthier sleeping environments in the home. All are based on the 40+ year of experience of the GEOVITAL Academy of Radiation Protection in Austria. – This course starts on Monday the 8th of January 2024 (or Sunday the 7th of January depending on your time zone)

EMF2 – The Business Side of Things – Included

Most people do EMF1 because they want to help their community and start a business offering home assessments. The optional EMF2 module of the total ‘EMF Business Start-Up Course’ (EMF1+EMF2+EMF3) consists of 12 months of business training related to our specific industry and some general sessions. All released to you over 12 months to learn from, from the week you purchase the spot in this EMF1 course (so you can gets started on EMF2 before EMF1 starts).

LIMTED TIME GIFT* – Ethical Influence Practitioner course accredited by the Cialdini Institute – Value USD 1497

Cialdini Ethical Influence Practitioner accreditation badge

Being a Cialdini Institute accredited Ethical Influence Practitioner improves your business skills for any type of business or employment

We are excited to include as part of EMF2, for a limited time only**, a USD 1497 course with official Cialdini Institute accreditation as a gift from Patrick to you. It will teach you a vital business skill that you will enjoy and implement in business and life in general. Regardless of ethical applications as EMF consultant, you will be benefiting from the new detailed understanding of the psychology of persuasion in any other business or employment you are involved in. You will be adding ‘Cialdini accredited Ethical Influence Practitioner’ to your curriculum vitae.

In any business, your success will depend on getting other people to see the ethical merit of your proposed actions. You product and skills can be legendary, but if you can’t communicate it optimally to your audience, you will not be successful in growing your business or enriching their lives.

Dr Robert Cialdini dedicated his life to the question of what drives people. Why do we agree with one person and disagree with others? Why do we not comply when a request or proposal is stated one way, but we will comply when just a few things in the request are changed? His life’s work and especially his book ‘INFLUENCE’ is seen to be one of the most important communication insights around the world.’

Find out more about this gift and other EMF2 details, here


Additional inclusions represent approx USD 1750 worth of value^

EMF2 also includes the creation of a ‘copy website’ from the original shown at www.emfinvestigation.com (^Valued at USD 500). A simple and nice site placed for free on your (you pay for) URL and hosting if desired. We will personalise it a little with photos and assignment texts you submit during EMF1 and can of course be further personalised by you. If you have the GEOVITAL meters during your 12 months of EMF2 access, you can also organise a virtual assessment with video call supervision by Patrick or a senior consultant (^Valued at USD 1250).

This program can be expanded on by also doing the EMF3 In-Person Practical Workshop which then means you have done then complete program referred to as ‘EMF Assessment and Mitigation Business Start-Up course.’

Learn more about this Guided Online Course here.


See all scheduled meetings for this course in the calendar.

Couple’s Discount for EMF1

If you are a couple and you can do EMF1 together from one computer and one webcam during meetings, then we allow one partner to only pay half. To enroll as a couple, purchase two seats in this course in one transaction. In case of a 50% deposit payment, you will not be required to pay the second half for one person, regardless if you got your deposit at a discount or early bird!  OR if you paid the full course price (no deposit payment available at the time) closer to the starting date, we will refund you half of the second person’s fee.

NOTE: In case of you taking advantage of the ‘couples discount’ as part of this BUNDLE offer of EMF1 and EMF2, only one person will be gifted the LIMTED TIME OFFER* of the Ethical Influence Practitioner course if the Cialdini Institute.


Early Bird Discounts reduce and disappear without notice

It helps us plan and schedule future courses if we know who is coming to courses well in advance. Therefore you may find some Early Bird discounts available for courses which start further into the future. Early Bird discounts are linked to a schedule and will reduce (likely without warning) just like airfares increase closer to the departure date. Course price will return to the normal pricing (no Early Bird discount) several months before the start date OR WHEN STUDENT NUMBERS are past half full. This means that no matter how early on, the second half of spots in the course are only available at normal price. Some time before the course start date, the option to pay a deposit only will disappear and you can only register by paying the full course fee.

Should you wait for a later course? – If an early course is available, it may be more to your advantage to take the early one, even if no Early Bird discount is available. By starting later, your possible consultant career will also start later and your income stream from your new work will start to develop later. For the sake of an Early Bird discount, it is likely better to start your new career path sooner.

IMPORTANT: Course enrolment is subject to our terms and conditions which are specified in our website’s terms of service. This covers refund policies, confidentiality, and more. You can view this by clicking on ‘Terms and Conditions’ when you are prompted to review and agree to them, during the checkout process.

* Limited time offer: The inclusion of the Ethical Influence Practitioner training can be withdrawn without notice.

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