EMF2 – EMF Business Knowledge, Website Copy, Online Practical and Ethical Influence Practitioner Accreditation course

$1,098.00 USD

12 Months access to the EMF Business Teachings via and online knowledge centre. The optional creation of a website copy is also included and for those with GEOVITAL instruments, a live online supervised home assessment can be done.
INCLUDED: The ‘Ethical Influence Practitioner’ course with lifetime accreditation by the Cialdini Institute.

Prerequisite: EMF1 enrolment

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EMF2 – 12 Months Access to EMF Consulting Business Knowledge + Ethical Persuasion Accreditation

The new EMF2 module is the perfect complement to the EMF1 guided online course. EMF2 gives you access to valuable insights on how the get started in the EMF assessment and mitigation industry and more:

  • Cialdini Ethical Influence Practitioner accreditation badge

    Being a Cialdini Institute accredited Ethical Influence Practitioner improves your business skills for any type of business or employment

    SPECIAL INCLUSION: For a limited time Patrick includes for you the ‘Ethical Influence Practitioner’ course, with lifetime accreditation by the Cialdini Institute which retails normally for USD 1497, plus 9 hours of Persuasion Coaching classes.

  • EMF Business Skills Knowledge over 12 months to sharpen and prepare your start in the EMF industry (Accessible from the week you purchase EMF2)
  • the optional creation of a website copy after having completed EMF1 (a copy of the site www.emfinvestigation.com on your domain name) and
  • optionally participation in an online home assessments, where you assess your own (or someone else’s) home whilst we watch and assist you over zoom*.

Ethical Influence Practitioner course available for limited time

We are excited to include for a limited time only**, a USD 1497 course with official Cialdini Institute accreditation as a special inclusion in this EMF2 package. It will teach you a vital business skill that you will enjoy and implement in business and life in general. Regardless of ethical applications as EMF consultant, you will be benefiting from the new detailed understanding of the psychology of persuasion in any other business or employment you are involved in. You will be adding ‘Cialdini accredited Ethical Influence Practitioner’ to your curriculum vitae.

In any business, your success will depend on getting other people to see the ethical merit of your proposed actions. You product and skills can be legendary, but if you can’t communicate it optimally to your audience, you will not be successful in growing your business or enriching their lives.

Dr Robert Cialdini dedicated his life to the question of what drives people. Why do we agree with one person and disagree with others? Why do we not comply when a request or proposal is stated one way, but we will comply when just a few things in the request are changed? His life’s work and especially his book ‘INFLUENCE’ is seen to be one of the most important communication insights around the world.’

Find out more about this inclusion and other EMF2 details, here


EMF business skills Videography

EMF business skills Videography

EMF Business Knowledge

There is a lot to know about an industry and the best ways to get started as a consultant. As part of the EMF Business Start-Up Course, the optional EMF2 module gives you hours of valuable information about a range of subject that will affect your start as an EMF consultant. Here are some examples of what may be offered:

  • Networking training session
  • Effective Communication session
  • Videography for content creation
  • Hosting a webinar
  • Exhibiting at an expo
  • Business Basics training sessions (2)
  • Public speaking
  • Time management

Sessions are available to you inside your EMF2 online knowledge centre (OKC), in which sections are released to you over 12 months. Access to the OKC will stop after 18 months.

EMF business skills session on effective communication

EMF business skills session on effective communication

Your own website created for you

We have a website of which we can make a copy for you. This would be parked on your server and your domain name (you organise/pay for this). Our IT people will make a copy of the website you can now view at www.emfinvestigation.com and put it on your domain. If you did your assignments during EMF1, you will have created various texts to explain what services contain. Some of these texts will be put into your new website to replace the existing text and make the website unique to you. Of course you can always go in once the site is ‘handed over’ to you, and make text changes at any time.

time management business skills training for EMF consultants and others

Time management is an important skill in business and life. Improving your skills in this area will improve both.

Access to EMF2 starts now

Once you enrol in your 12 months of EMF2, you will be set up with access to the Business Sessions, typically within the week. If you purchase EMF2 along with for example an EMF1 guided online course, you will be able to attend EMF2 Business Sessions if they are hosted before your EMF1 course starts. This way you can start learning about the EMF business before your EMF1 course starts.

Prerequisites for EMF2: Enrolment in EMF1

Find out a lot more details about the EMF2 module, here

*NOTE: Participation with the assessments requires you to have your set of GEOVITAL instruments and having an assistant with smart phone and independent data connection to follow you around during your assessment for feedback of the trainer and observation by other PRO students. This will be recorded and stored for later viewing by students. You must obtain permission from the home owner for this to be recorded.

** Limited time offer: The inclusion of the Ethical Influence Practitioner training can be withdrawn without notice.

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