Flexible 200mm Coil AC Clamp Meter with hold function

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Flexible 200mm Coil AC Clamp Meter to assess current on cables and pipes, big or small. Lightweight and durable.

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In stock (can be backordered)


Flexible Coil Clamp Meter (200mm AC) with hold function

Assess leakage of current on a single wire or entire service drop if accessible, from millamps to 1200A

A handy coil clamp meter suitable for electricians, home owners, Geobiologist, Building Biologists and others.


The 6900 Flexible 200mm Coil Clamp Meter is designed and manufactured for field testing of AC large current. Widely used in electric power, communications, geobiology, building biology, meteorology, railway, oil field, construction, measurement, scientific research and teaching units, industrial and mining enterprises and other fields. Especially suitable for the flat cable dense place, current test of transformer grounding core , thick wire and cable, relay protection, silicon controlled rectifier, frequency conversion speed regulation, semiconductor switch, power electronic conversion equipment, arc welding and other industrial environment with serious signal distortion.

Flexible current clamp, Rogowski Coil, adopts advanced Rogowski Coil technology, which is a loop coil uniformly wound on non-ferromagnetic materials, with no hysteresis effect, almost zero phase error, no magnetic saturation, high linearity and strong anti-interference ability. The output signal is the differential of the current with respect to time. By integrating the output voltage signal, the input current can be truly restored. The measured current ranges from milliamperes up to ten thousands of amperes. Flexible coil without any exposed metal conductor, non-contact measurement, safe and reliable. Small size, light weight, soft and flexible, suitable for narrow environment and flat cable dense places. High measurement accuracy, strong reliability, wide response frequency band, the user can customize the coil length according to demand. This coil clamp meter also comes with peak value hold, data hold, data storage and other functions, easy to use, which is one of the necessary tools for electrician safety inspection and maintenance.

Hold and Peak Hold value

Sometimes you can’t see what you’re doing and need to reach in difficult places where it may be hard to read the display. This coil clamp meter comes with a PEAK HOLD function so it will simply display the highest experiences value since this function was engaged and you can see it when the meter is retrieved. The HOLD function allows you to allocate the value currently being measured, to the internal memory. Multiple memory slots are available.

For high accuracy assessment and data logging, also consider the 68mm Clamp Meter we have available.

. Technical Specification

Function Transformer iron core earth current test; AC leakage current, current online test
 Power Supply  DC 9V  LR6 1.5Vx6
 Test Method Flexible CT: The output signal is the differential of current with respect to time. By integrating the output voltage signal, the input current can be truly restored.
 Coil Diameter φ200mm
 Range AC 0.00A~9999A
 Resolution AC 10mA
 Accuracy ±2%±3dgt (the wire is at the center of the flexible coil, 23 ℃± 2 ℃)
 Coil Length 628mm
 Coil Thickness φ7.5mm (Suitable for use in narrow environments and cable densely packed place, etc.)
 The Measured Current  Frequency 50Hz/60Hz(Automatic)
 Meter Size 190mm×370mm×40mm
 LCD Size 35mm×21.5mm; Display domain: 32mm×15mm
 Backlight with backlight, convenient to use in dark site
 Weight 200g
 Electric Field Interference No hysteresis effect, strong anti-interference ability
Position Error The measured wire should be in the center of the flexible coil as far as possible, not close to the opening and closing mouth, the test error at the opening and closing mouth will increase by one times or more
 Sampling Rate 2 times /second
 Data Storage 99units, flash display “FULL” symbol indicate storage full
 Peak Hold Peak value capture and hold function, long press POWER key display peak value, and the “  ” symbol display
 Data Hold Data hold function: “DH” symbol display
 Line Voltage Below AC 600V circuit measurement
 Overflow Display Exceed measure range overflow function: “OL” symbol display
 Battery Voltage While battery voltage is lower than 7.2V. low battery voltage symbol display, remind to replace the battery
 RatedCurrent About 8mA
 Working environment -10℃~40℃;below 80%rh
 Store environment -10℃~60℃;below 70%rh
 Insulation Resistance 100MΩ or large more,1000V
Suitable Safety Standard IEC1010-1、IEC1010-2-032、Pollution 2、CAT VI(1000V) ,IEC61326(EMC standard)


What is the difference with the 68mm milliAmp clamp meter?

The flexible one can take big pipes sometimes found in basements etc. It has one zero less detail in the display than the 68mm milliamp clamp (this one reads 1, 2, 4, 8, 13, 134 mA etc.) where the coil reads 0.01 amp (10mA), 0.02 amp (20mA) 0.03amp (30mA) and so on. Not a major drama, that’s why we stock the coil too.
If you had the Coil clamp, you wouldn’t buy the 68mm as well. The little one is still great to have too though for small spaces.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 9 cm


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