GPA Shielding Mesh, protection against EMFs up to 32 dB.

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GPA is fibreglass with electrically conductive T98 shielding paint coating

Orders in rolls or per linear meter (per 3.3ft).

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GPA Shielding Mesh for protection against EMF from outside and inside sources

GPA is used to reduce the radiation of high-frequency electromagnetic (HF or RF) and low-frequency (LF) electrical fields in buildings. It can also be used as a plaster base and reinforcement mesh in Therm / ispotherm ETIC systems, as well as in plaster systems or under wooden cladding in the roof and wall area, or under carpet or rugs.

With a timber construction, GPA is a MUST!
In the case of timber houses, it is strongly advised to place GPA shielding mesh underneath wooden floors in order to intercept low-frequency fields (LF) electric fields of the rooms below and to lead them away to the ground, otherwise, there will be constant electrical irritation from the floors. In walls, GPA is also easily hidden underneath the outside cladding so that it offers protection against phone towers and the like from outside.

Best shielding mesh of all fibreglass based render reinforcement

Due to the holes, the RF shielding against radiofrequency radiation is lower in comparison to more ‘closed’ shielding with T98 shielding paint. However, the implementation by average tradespeople and untrained amateur is easier and faster. For a shielding mesh on glass fibre base, the shielding is up to 32 dB is sensational.  The use of metal mesh, by comparison, is much more complex, difficult and presents a danger of injury.

The GPA shielding mesh is soft, flexible and adapts to all corners and curves

GPA shielding mesh can easily be cut to a certain size with scissors or a knife. When securing or placing additional straps of GPA, it should always be placed with a 5 cm/2 inch overlap onto the next piece.

Functions of GPA shielding mesh

GPA shielding mesh offers effective protection against electrosmog. The mesh attenuates over 99% of the RF radiation. It also reduces low-frequency alternating electrical fields when grounded and placed between the resident and the electrical wiring of a building. The test report of the German Armed Forces University confirmed that GPA shielding mesh had a performance of up to 32 dB = 99.94%.
This mesh is alkali-resistant and has high tensile strength.

The GPA shielding fabric, like the Geovital shielding paint, must be properly grounded by an electrician using a grounding strap. According to the applicable EU regulations, all surfaces must be grounded by a qualified electrician. Insurance companies may also demand this.


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50m Roll, per linear meter


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