Phone Pouch with RF radiation shielding.

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Phone radiation protection that actually works. Two layers of shielded fabric form a barrier for RF radiation whilst still allowing you to have a conversation. Protection when the phone is on your head AND in your pocket.

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Phone radiation protection for your head and your reproductive organs

When our patients asked if we could come up with something to help with headaches from the use of mobile phones, we crafted these phone radiation protection pouches with EMF radiation shielding built in.

The phone is a major source of RF radiation. Linked to various health issues but with phones especially brain cancer and fertility issues are the major concern.

These phone pouches give you the ability to place your mobile phone on one side of 2 layers of shielding fabric. Sound can go through and the phone can maintain a signal from the other side, but the shielding protects your body or head from Radio Frequency (RF) radiation.

How to use a phone radiation protection pouch?

It’s fairly simple. Just remember; the shielding needs to be between your head and the phone.
The pouch has two pockets. Lets call the pouch that goes all the way up the INNER pocket and the slot that seems to be on the front of the pouch we will call the FRONT pocket. The shielding is present on both sides of the INNER pocket. Putting the phone in there serves no real purpose if you want to be contactable, as the phone signal is reduced or blocked on both sides of the phone. If you did place a phone in here, it would likely get warm because the phone would work harder to maintain a signal.

Correct use of a cell phone emf radiation shielding pouch pocket

Using a EMF radiation shielding pouch for your cell phone is not difficult.

The FRONT pocked is only shielded because the fabric used in the INNER pocket are on one side of it. The very front fabric is normal fabric. By placing the phone inside the FRONT pocket and with the speaker facing towards the shielded fabric, the sound can still go through towards your ear, but the RF is dramatically reduced.

When your phone rings, simply take the phone out, answer the call, slip it in the pouch with speaker towards the inner pocket and its shielded fabric and make your call (see images above).

Just remember; the shielding needs to be between your head and the phone.

Picking the right size shielding pouch for your phone

The size mentioned when selecting your size are based on the width of the whole (external) pouch. The size of the inner pocket can then be a little smaller, but it also has some give and will likely stretch a little. When selecting your size, measure the width and thickness of your phone including any protective case you may have on it. Add them together (1x width + 1x thickness). We recommend picking a pouch that is 0.5cm (0.2in) wider than that measurement.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 2 cm
Size Phone Protection

L – 9x17cm / 3.5×6.7in approx., M – 8.5x17cm / 3.4×6.7in approx., S – 8x16cm / 3.1×6.3in approx., XL – 9.5x18cm / 3.7×7.1in approx., XXL – 10x18cm / 3.9×7.1in approx.


Black, Blue, Burgundy, Lime Green, Red


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