TF2 Trifield Meter – With or Without Online Course – Multi-Field EMF Gauss Meter.

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The TF2 Trifield Meter is the feature-rich EMF radiation meter for the amateur. Great for magnetic fields and good for electric fields and radio frequency radiation. Digital, Audible, Back-lit and durable.

Health Client discount is not available on this product. Many products do have a generous discount for those who have had an on-site assessment done by one of our consultants.




The Legendary Trifield Meter has been renewed
and what an improvement the TF2 became

TF2 Trifield Meter Screen

The Trifield Meter has been a trusted source of information for many years

The TF2 is the next step in the saga of the Trifield meter. Its predecessor, the 100XE, is a recognised face in the field of amateur EMF radiation measurement..

The Trifield Meter TF2 is a great inexpensive instrument for the lay person to gain an insight into the exposure to low frequency EMR (electromagnetic radiation) which is typically produced by street power lines running past a property, electrical wiring inside the walls especially when there are wiring faults, solar panels on the roof, the meter box itself and other sources. In this regard the Trifield meter has earned its credentials over many years and the new TF2 is sure to impress.

Assess magnetic fields from above and underground power lines with the TF2 gauss meter

Assess magnetic fields from above and underground power lines with the TF2 gauss meter

AlphaLab, Inc., makers of the best-selling TriField Meter Model 100XE, are proud to present the new TriField EMF Meter Model TF2. In an effort to better serve customers, they have researched over 20 years of customer feedback on the original TriField meter and addressed customer’s wishes for the new Model TF2.

Every aspect of the TriField EMF Meter Model TF2 has been improved and the features of various models have been combined into the ultimate all-in-one EMF measurement solution for the amateur and lay person. A great all-rounder and a treasure to have in the family.

An audible sound as well as back-lighting for the display can be activated and deactivated as a preference for your use.

online course in use of EMF meters

You’d learn so much with some training on how to hold your EMF meter and interpret the readings

Include an online course and dispel any doubt that you’re using the TF2 correctly

Patrick van der Burght is a global authority in EMF assessment and mitigation and as an instructor has taught hundreds of people how to do this professionally. Many of those now working in the field as consultants. – You can learn from Patrick how to use the TF2 meter (and other meters) by including an online course with your TF2 trifield meter purchase.

The online course contains about 3.5 hours of video content:

  • explaining the different EMF radiation types in our lives
  • showing you what to measure,
  • showing you the TF2 in use or the TF2 and other popular EMF meters (depending what course option you select to include)
  • explaining what to look out for that most amateurs would never think to look for
  • how you can double check particular issues you may find.

You have two options to choice from: OPTION 1 includes videos about the theory of EMF radiation and videos about the use of various EMF meters including the TF2. OPTION 2 includes the same videos about the theory of EMF radiation and the videos about the specific use of the TF2 trifiled meter only (not the other popular meters)

Multiple-Meter Course TF2-only Course
Videos on EMF Theory

Videos on the use of the:

– TF2 Trifield Meter
– UHS2 Gauss Meter
– CORNET ED88T-plus
– GEOVITAL HF Field Probe
– GEOVITAL EM Field Probe
– and more…

Videos on EMF Theory

Videos on the use of the TF2

After you purchase this option, we will set up your course access for within 1 or 2 days.

Specifications of the TF2 Trifield Meter

Magnetic Fields – 3 Axis

Range: 40Hz to 100KHz
Accuracy: about 4% at 50 and 60 Hz
Max range: 100.0 mG
Resolution: 0.1 mG

Electric Fields – 1 Axis
Range: 40Hz to 100KHz
Accuracy: about 5% at 50 and 60 Hz
Max range: 1000 V/m
Resolution: 1 V/m

RF / Microwave – 1 Axis
Range: 20MHz to 6Ghz
Accuracy: about 20% at 1 GHz
Max range: 1000 mW/m2
Resolution: 0.01 mW/m2
Response time: 12 ms

Battery 9V
Life with backlight off approx. 20 hrs
Life with backlight on approx. 12 hrs

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 7 cm

with amateur online course, with multiple-meters amateur online course, without amateur online course


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